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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogging from Pietra Ligure.....

Trapped here for nearly a week.
Not in Milan, but a village called Pietra Ligure, about 260km from Milan.
This place is famous for the beach, as Italian comes here for their summer holidays.
I am here because my mum has blood clog in her brain while she is having her Europe tour here at the beginning of this month. She lost consciousness on her way to Milan.
My aunt and my younger sister who are on the same trip with her, called me on the 5th June, around 11:38pm, asked me to fly over. They said it was a matter of life and death, as claimed by the doctors near Milan. At that time, they said there was bleeding in her brain.
They sent her to Santa Corona Hospital for surgery. The doctors here are more specialised. They diagnozed and said it was only blood clog, due to past injuries.
After 12 hours+ flight, travelled about 12741km, we reached Pietra Ligure.
No internet connection in the hotels. I am blogging from a internet checkpoint rather faraway from my apartment, about 20 mins walk. Wasted my effort in bringing my laptop all the way here.
Latest news is that I may be able to reach Singapore on the 19th June 7:55am.
Hopefully no more delay, but all depends on my mum's condition, as she is just discharged, and doctor said she is not fit to board on plane so soon.
Got to go now, as my brother and sister are waiting for me.

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