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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Elvis Presley caricature for Cyclect

Client's brief:-
"Please do the following in your caricature:
1. Fill teeth
2. All black hair. Resemblence to Elvis Presley Curl and side burns.
3. Only minor wrinkles

He likes:
1. Background: Cyclect building (with logo) - SEND TO YOU ANOTHER PHOTO LATER.
2. One hand: Wine (with wine glass with red wine) - almost drinking like holding microphone (SEE CLOTHING 1)
3. One hand: TV remote control
4. Clothing: Cool Elvis Presley clothing. (SEE CLOTHING 1)
5. No need guitar.

Big Wording include in picture: 70! AGED TO PERFECTION!"

Elvis Presley caricature for Cyclect
Subject with the caricature.
Feedback received:-
"....he is very happy to get the picture! It was very well done!"

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