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Sunday, September 22, 2013

digital runner caricature for Apple

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

My work colleague referred me to you. We work for the Apple Enterprise team representing south asia and are looking to give our boss a going away present. He is moving back to Sydney Australia next week.

The idea we have is that he would be running (he does Iron Man triathalons) past our team.  We would be in the crowd but in front of buildings that represent our countries.  ie The Merlion,MBS, Flyer of Singapore, Petronas Towers of Malaysia, etc..

Singapore - The Merlion,....Petronas Towers of Malaysia, etc...
Thailand -  Thai Royal Palace.
Malaysia - Petronas Towers
Philippines - A jeepney with random people hanging off and cheering....

Also my boss coined the phrase when he runs "Eat the Pain".  Maybe incorporate that in a thought bubble?  The face we would like for him would be his running face.  He is a drooling mess and we all laugh at him when we see pictures of him at his race.  I think will be funny...."

Sketching out the subject and required items in SKetchbook Pro....

Inking in Sketchbook Pro too.

digital runner caricature for Apple (watermark)
The completed artwork. Pretty satisfied with the outcome.

Feedback from the client:-
"That's awesome!"

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