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Saturday, September 21, 2013

digital group caricatures for VISA International

Client's brief:-
"Elements to incorporate
·        Captain’s peak hat (modern hat instead of the pirate one)
·        Steering Wheel or Boat image..."

A farewell gift for the boss.
A draft for the client.
digital draft for VISA
Started with the main subject!
Untitleddigital group caricatures for VISA International - sketch
Pencil sketch done in Sketchbook Pro.

Started inking in Sketchbook Pro too. Love the felt pen strokes - very similar to my G-pen!
The inking was not easy. Took me quite sometime to complete, especially under the tight timeframe.
Colour rendering was done in Photoshop.It has better (watercolour) layering effect than Sketchbook Pro.
My daughter gave me a helping hand in filling the solid colour of the deck.

digital group caricatures for VISA International - A6 (watermark)
I am satisfied with teh overall result here!

Digital caricature printouts
Looks impressive when printed out in A2 size witrh lamination. Looks like anime poster to me!

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