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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Teacher and toddler caricatures at Nurture Stars

Client's brief:-
"Good Day Jit,
I have done 2 caricatures with you previously and i am interested to get a third one. My daughter is switching school and i wld like to have a
caricature (in colour marker with theme - with background and body) of her teacher as a gift to thank her for her dedication and commitment in nurturing my girl.
I have the following points
1. She is a teacher in Nurture Stars ( so i hope to incorporate the school's logo in the caricature.
2. I have seen your previous works and i have attached a sample. I wld like to have a similar concept. I wld like to have 1 boy and 1 girl (in nurture stars school uniform) standing in background and my daughter (in school uniform as well) in the foreground.
3. The background is a pre school classroom. Maybe some A B Cs and building blocks in the background to symbolise pre school education.
4. I wld like to have a quote at the bottom. "Teacher Sabrina, thanks for taking Melody's hand, opening her mind and touching her heart"
5. I wld like to frame with borders."

Teacher and toddler caricatures at Nurture Stars

Client's feedback:-

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