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Friday, December 02, 2011

caricature theme - Prince and princess wedding @ castle

Client's brief:-
"hi Jit
I love your works!
I'm having my ROM cum wedding in Jan 2012 and is thinking of having our caricatures (myself and fiance) drawn (and framed) to be placed at the entrance of function room.....
Caricature in color marker and theme (with body and background) - A3 size with CD

Theme/ Background
Attachment "Theme" - Need not follow the colours of the costume in the picture, you can change the colours accordingly to blend in with the rest.
Attachment "Sample_1" - I want to have a similar castle in the backgound (prefers to have the design of the castle to match the theme, ie very anime type).

Draw his facial features using attachment "Gary_2" but draw hairstyle using attachment "Gary_passport". I've attached another attachment "Gary_1 as additional reference. Pants will be the straight cut type.

Draw my facial features using attachment "Yvonne". Hairstyle would be similar to the bride in attachment "Sample_1". I leave it to your judgement as to whether the necklace is needed or the need to hold the flower (or hold a different flower). Eyelashes to be abit obvious to have the blink blink effect. I want to have my teeth drawn straight (I have one slight protuding front tooth, not sure if you can see that in the photo)

Please insert the following anywhere in the caricature (as usual, leave it to you to decide). Letterings should be similar to what you have drawn in attachment "Sample_2".
Gary & Yvonne
10 January 2012"

Prince and princess caricature wedding @ castle

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