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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Couple wedding caricatures at Phuket

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit
Thank you for your time a short while ago. As discussed, my wife and I would like a colour caricature in a wedding theme. Some pointers for your reference:-
- The wedding will be in Phuket – so a resort theme with palm trees and sea in the background would be great
- My wife should be in a long beige wedding gown with a veil
- I will be wearing a cream color linen suit with a crisp white shirt (no tie)
- I do not think you need our names but maybe a title “Our Special Day” would go well
I am enclosing some photos of both of us.....
As discussed, would be grateful if you can draw to A3 size but on bigger paper – we discussed A2 but can I please request A1 instead? This will really help give more space for messages....."

couple wedding caricatures at Phuket

Client's feedback:-
"Fantastic! Excellent! I love it! Thanks very much!"

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