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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Caricature for Dialight Corporation

Client's brief:-
"My boss is leaving us and we hope to get the above as a farewell gift.
I ordered something similar years back.......
Below is the summary of what we hope to see.
1) My boss is the specky guy.
2) We are in the business of energy saving LED lighting solutions.
We are trying to replace the existing fluroscent lighting with LEDs so Fluro is our biggest enemy.
Other lighting technologies like the HIDs are also our foe.
3) My idea is:
He is smoking.
He has one foot crashing onto a fluroscent lighting fixture. (see link below).
4) and crushing also other HID bulbs like those below:
And he is holdng onto our signature product (high Bay). (see attached).
5) For the background, can we have a tower with the aircraft warning lights at the horizon?
This is also an important product line for us.
6) Jason should be in a white polo-tee with Dialight logo on his left chest. black pants......'THE LED Evangelist'"

Caricature for Dialight Corporation

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