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Sunday, September 18, 2011

pilot digital caricature with Asterix

A very long brief, from a client in India:-
"Dear Jit,
Really very happy to work with you again!
For a Pilot friend of mine, I would like you to draw an A3 Digital caricature with theme in colour. The theme will be a comic book cover, on the lines of the Asterix Comics. As there are many details to be captured, so please feel free to use horizontal layout, if you think it will be better.
Details with all the sample photographs are as follows:
1. Caricature - The entire caricature to be divided in an approximately 80:20 ratio.
a. The top 80% of the image to show the Pilot flying the aircraft and remaining 20% for some characters from the comic book. Refer to the Power Point Slide.
b. Emphasis of the caricature to be on the Pilot and the Aircraft, the 20% of bottom scene can be shown as per your artistic sensibilities.
2. Title of the Comic - ADVENTURES OF Kirthanix IN MOROCCO
a. The font type and look to be exactly how Asterix is written in red color in the attached photo. (Photo 1). The title to come right on top of the caricature. A lightning bolt to be included as in the photo.
3. Aircraft – Important: Exact aircraft model picture attached (Photos 2, 3 and 4).
a. Please note the angle of the aircraft and the moving propeller should be as shown in power point slide and also attached (Photo 5). Important: But the details of the aircraft’s body will be exactly as given in the Photos 2, 3 and 4.
b. Important: A lovely glossy metallic sheen for the entire aircraft body. All the details to be captured – green band behind the propeller, tiny red patch, star on the left wing, all the stripes, 414117 number & squirrel like animal called Skunk on the nose of the plane. Upon zooming into the image, the animal is better visible. (Link for pics of Skunk if required – ( Bits of clouds in background.
4. Pilot – He is in a sitting position where the hatch is and flying the aircraft. He is wearing a white half sleeves shirt and has 4 stripes on the epaulet on his shoulder Attached photo (Photo 6) and Photo 7 is only to give an idea of the white shirt look.
a. Important: Maximum emphasis on a big wide smile and eyes – a mischievous glint (Photos 8 to 14). I think Photos 12 and 14 perhaps capture the glint best.)
5. Bottom Scene - This portion to show an outline of Morocco, with blue and white domes. The scene is a party in progress with comic characters Asterix and Obelix being entertained by several beautiful belly dancers. Feel free to draw them as per your wish, though some pictures from the Power point are indicative. Just ensure that Obelix and Asterix are visible clearly & women are very beautiful! (Photos of Asterix and Obelix – Photo 15 to 20). You can use any comic images of Asterix and Obelix that u like!"
pilot digital caricature with Asterix - 2
Working on the head first....
pilot digital caricature with Asterix - 1
Fine tuning......

pilot digital caricature with Asterix - 3
Here comes the tough part - the plane and Asterix cartoon at the bottom.....
pilot digital caricature with Asterix
Feedback from the client:-
"Hi Jit!
I got the caricature printed and it looks great!! Thank u sooo much :)
Will let you know the Pilot's reaction!"

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