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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Caricature theme - "Bintanified!"

Long brief:-
"Hi Jit!

I don't know if you can remember me but I am pretty sure that the attached file will jolt your memory :)

Yes, here I am, writing to place another order! --- A3 Caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body

I have a favourite lecturer who has helped me along in every way possible in my educational journey and I wanted to give her a really special present for the upcoming Teachers' Day + her birthday which also falls in September.

Here's some information/details that i'd like to incorporate into the drawing:

-She is in LOVE with the Arts. Love Museums. Wishes that that all the museums in Singapore would grant free admission... not just for one night but everyday.:)
-She is always flying between Singapore (where she teaches) and London (where her husband is stationed and she is currently doing her Doctorate there). We are ALWAYS asking her the same question, "Are you in Sg now or London?"
-Whenever she can, she would take the ferry to Bintan to recharge her energy. She always stay at Mayang Sari Resort. Marking assignments is TOUGH - especially with mountains and mountains of assignments but she has a trick --- Mark twenty assignments, dip in the sea. Mark twenty assignments, dip in the sea.
-She LOVES the beach and adore each and every of her beach shots.
-She is the BIGGEST spa fan that I've ever known.

I was thinking of this:

1) She, in her white beach dress, pretty flower in her (let down, NOT tied up) hair, sitting gracefully on a straw mat, marking assignments on the sandy beach, facing the sea... On the beach, there's a little wooden sign beside her that says, "Bintanified!"

2) At the background, there are the mayang sari resorts amongst palm trees, blue sky, gorgeous sun and pretty clouds...

3) Above all that, there will be two planes flying in opposite directions. One says Singapore. One says London. Or maybe to keep it simpler we'll just put the flags of the country instead of writing them out. Or maybe include the landmark of the countries on the plane?

What do you think? :) If you have better suggestions/ideas, please let me know! I want this gift to be perfect for her :)

Once again, despite it being a caricature, I would like it to look like her as much as possible!"

teacher caricature at Bintan Resort
Client's response upon receiving this caricature:-
"Haha...Thank you, it looks just like her!"

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