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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Caricature template for Singtel and The British Club

Pencil sketches for The British Club
I will be sketching in a gig for Singtel & The British Club tomorrow, in celebration of Singapore National Day. The client needs a few caricature templates drawn beforehand, so that we (the caricaturists) can draw more of their guests in the gig.
It was pretty last minute job requested by the event organiser, as something cropped up with his previous illustrator, and thus he approached me for help.

The British Club setting - ink & brush
The ink outline....

The British Club setting
I colour in digitally. The colours are cleaner and more vibrant, especially good when the client prints them out using colour laser printer.

The British Club setting -right
I cropped it into 3 pieces, i.e., they can be joined as one group caricatures if they are put together, ideal for family caricatures.
The British Club setting - centre
The British Club setting - Left
Feedback frm the event organiser:-
"The Client is very very happy with it!"

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