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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Complimentary photo shoot at Foto Gallery

Foto Gallery called me before Chinese New Year, saying that I was offered a complimentary makeover and photo shoot. Heard from Wilfred that he received their offer too, long before mine, but he couldn't make it, as he was not free then.. Told them I will be out of town soon. So, they called me after CNY again.
Asked my wife and she was quite excited, as Foto Gallery said we will be given 2 complimentary photos. If we need more, we will have to discuss with the photographers.
Scared there may be some gimmicks, but we still go for it.

The whole photo shoot took about 2 hours plus.
We had about 50 over shots for the whole session.
Then the salesman (or boss?) talked to us about the package - signing up as members with their company. $888 for a year with 4 hours of complimentary photo shoots at our own functions, twice a year, get the photos nicely design into an photo album etc.
If we don't want the package, then $500 for the photos alone.
Keep asking them about the resolution (and megapixels) of the shots.
He told me can blow up to poster size.
But from what I see on their iMac, the photos look pixelated when zoomed in to slightly bigger than A4 size. Looking at the filesize of 2mb+ for each photo, I guessed at most it can only be as high as 10 megapixels. Unless they have the raw format (which I don't think so), we think $500 was too high for us.
Good thing was that they didn't hardsell.
We took these 2 photos (softcopies on cd) and left.
My wife still thinking of the rest of the photos when we were having our lunch nearby. She felt that it was quite a waste, but if she offered $150 for the photos will be an insult to them.
Anyway, we have these 2 photos, which I printed them out from our digital printers, and sized down and used as wallpaper for our mobile phones.


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