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Sunday, February 23, 2014

digital caricature for RSAF

Client's brief:-

"Caricature No 1

1. Caption to appear at the top center portion of the caricature
The caption is as follows:


2. The background is a golf course. The person is standing on a golf putting green with a flag and a golf cart behind him in the picture.

3. These are the details of the person.
     - The person is wearing golf attire. (Short sleeve shirt, bermudas, cap, socks, and golf shoes)
     - As he is a very hairy person, there should be alot of body hair sticking out from his legs, hands and chest.
     - One of his hand will be holding on to a golf putter.
     - The other hand should be holding on to a beer mug filled with beer.
     - Please refer to picture titled Rammer for a picture of his face.

4. Next to him, there must be a golf hole.  A golf ball must also be seen in between the person and the golf hole.

5. Surrounding the golf hole, there must be a golden cobra looking at him. The cobra's body should be wrapped around the golf hole and its upper half of the body should be standing up with its facing looking at the person."

digital caricature of Hairy Putter digital caricature of Hairy Putter digital caricature of Hairy Putter

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