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Thursday, February 27, 2014

digital caricature for RSAF

Client's brief:-

"1. Caption to appear at the top center portion of the caricature
The caption is as follows:


2. The background is that the person is in outer space standing on top of earth. On the left hand corner, the moon should be clearly visible.

3. These are the details of the person.
     - The person is RSAF uniform. (Refer to the picture titled RSAF Uniform)
     - The name appearing on the name tag in the uniform is : Ho K K
     - His rank is lieutenant colonel.
     - His right hand must be showing thumbs up while his left hand will be holding a book held close to his chest.
     - The book's title is : HD OOTWB 2
     - There will be also be a flying cape attached to the person's back. (The cape must be red in colour).
     - Please refer to picture titled Ho for a picture of his face.

Please refer to the following pictures for reference.
- Picture of the person : Ho.
- Picture of the concept: Hooker.
- Picture of the RSAF Uniform : RSAF Uniform"

digital caricature of Ho

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