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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Superwoman caricature as housewife and mom

Client's brief:-
"On the 0842 photo is the look which i want for her face; photo 7 shows her body structure very well - she is very feminine and has voluptuous forms which has to be in the caricature as well; in the photo 8 you can see her playful and cheerful character.
So face we take from the 0842 picture, hairstyle as well. For the body I want her to have the Superwoman costume and of course with all the voluptuous forms. The background it should be something like all the house chores since she is a housewife and a mother of two kids. So the meaning is that she is like a Superwoman manages to do everything perfectly because thats how it is in real life :) Style maybe a bit like comics, and her coat and hair fluttering because of the wind!......

And if possible add several of these comics exclamation boxes like "delicious", "perfect", "beautiful", "amazing", "yum", "kabam" etc. And like kind of a main tittle on top " SUPERWOMAN""

Untitled Superwoman caricature as housewife and mom
Client's feedback:-
"Wow! Perfect! Exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much for rushing it out for me in such a short time!"

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