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Friday, July 26, 2013

digital caricature montage for wife as birthday gift

This client received the digital caricature of himself doing the Gangnam style, printed on stretched canvas last Novemeber and he loves it, thinking to do something similar for his wife's birthday too.

The brief:-
"... wondering whether we can do something like :

1. ..... as a banker, dressed up, talking to people and counting money
2. ...... on safari holidays watching animals like lions or sharks
3. ...... exercising Yoga
4. ...... together with me, a happy married couple."

Doing the sketches on Sketchbook Pro....
Digital rendering is not any faster than traditional colouring on paper, butI can vary the size of the brushes and zoom in to paint in the details, the outcome is a lot better. More colours to choose from too, versus my limitation of colour markers set I have.
digital caricature montage 25072013
Completed for printing on stretched canvas

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