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Thursday, June 21, 2012

sibling caricatures toasting

A very long brief:-
"Here I am again your returned customer (previous orders: montage & wedding caricatures :-).  Thanks again for the great job done!  Even my friend is very happy with her orders for her husband 50th year birthday.

This time is a gift for my husband for his 50th birthday.  I am sure he will be very touch when he receives the present.  Yeah the subject is Siblings.

My husband is very close to his younger sister and especially his elder brother even though they all live in different parts of the world.  He loves them a lot and has a very strong bond among the siblings. Ok lah long story short could you please help what is the best way to show the bond among them in the picture.

Attached are two recent pictures which they took last December. 
The one in white t-shirt is my husband.  Live in Singapore
My brother-in-law is in red t-shirt.           Live in the United Kingdom
The middle one is my sis-in-law.            Live in Sydney, Australia

Haha you have drew the two big boys before in my previous orders.  Hopefully this time the picture images are better.

So far what I can think of is a copy cat of one of your customer idea. To have landmark of the 3 different countries probably inside a globe  But I am still struggling to come out with additional background etc which can show their strong siblings bond even though they are in different parts of the world. I know i can count on you so will leave it to your expertise.......

Husband : By professional he is an Accountant. He has recently left his job  :-( & looking to do some consultancy works.

BIL: Business & Process Manager
        (Communications & Public Affairs
         Ford of Europe)

SIL:  Part-time Dental Nurse & housewife (haha but pls dun draw her in nurse outfit)

As for hobbies, the two boys loves golfing, football & tennis. My husband supports West Ham & BIL supports Arsenal. Oh ya hor may be you can draw them each in their own supporting jersey.

Kind of embarrass to say that I am not sure of my SIL's hobby. Having said that I just realized that all these while we never talk about hobby :-). I think she goes to gym.

They do skype call frequently but only get to see each other probably every few years.......

Sorry to mess up! This gift is very important to me for my hubby. After thinking through again how about a change not to include their hobbies instead putting the 3 of them closely together, each holding their favorite drinks to toast/cheers (or any action u can think of please) with the landmarks of each country in the background? The 2 big boys can still be dressed in their favorite football team jersey. How about the globe? To include or exclude? Absolutely leave it to your expertise.

Favorite drinks (do you need me to send you the images or u can easily find it when u go goggle search. Thanks ya)

BIL - guineas stout
Hubby - Stella Artois
SIL - baileys Irish cream (haha I am 100% sure she loves Baileys)

To recap, hubby supports West Ham United (haha I alway tease him that not many people heard about this team) & BIL supports Arsenal.

One last one, u think it is ok to put like the following text below each of the character drawn (or again anywhere u think is appropriate to put it)? Font not too big just enough to see & read will do. ...."

sibling caricatures toasting

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