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Sunday, April 29, 2012

group caricatures for Cisco

Client's brief:-
"...We are thinking of the Liverpool gate(link below) behind with my manager as he is a Liverpool fan and he wearing a jersey in the stadium and the rest of us in the crowd cheering for him. The team photo as attached please can u not include that lady on the left(with the red belt), she is out of our team.  Total we have 9 pax.  Anyway I have attached the Caricature you’ve done for me few years ago(the lady on the 1st row) so you can draw me as per what you’ve drawn me before.  Not sure if you can also add my company logo....
I have attached herein the photos of my manager, his family members wife, and 3 kids and the team of us his subordinate."

group caricatures for Cisco - pencil sketch
Pencil sketch....

group caricatures for Cisco - progress
Inking done and started colouring the main subject.

group caricatures for Cisco

group caricatures for Cisco - framed
Framed up.

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